Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday - what a day

Today started off beautifully, sunny, warm and quiet.

Then the phone rang.....Business catastrophe.  Dave  spent the next four hours on the phone with Australia and who knows where else trying to get AIM's emails and website's back on line.  He ran his cell phone out of battery, used up the service on my phone, cajoled, pleaded, demanded,  raised red fraud flags with both our MasterCard accounts causing our credit to shut down, , dropped calls, tried to drink a cup of coffee, missed breakfast completely and  possibly straightened things out.  It was well after lunchtime before he closed down both phones, turned the computer off and took a deep breath.

Stress in the morning, a whimsical afternoon, and an absolutely lovely evening.  What a day. Time for bed, I'll finish this post in the morning.....

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