Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday - the move

Jesse and Erin cleaned out their cabin and we packed up Beluga this morning.  We left Santee Lakes Campground about 10:30 and arrived at Mission Bay RV Resort about half an hour later.  Beluga's "iffy" rear dual tire held air and we backed into our new spot without incident.  Jesse and Erin took the jeep and checked into the Mission Bay Hilton while we set up our new home for the next month.  The weather was just beautiful, sunny, warm and calm.  This is going to be a good place for us.

Lewis met up with friend Polly in the parking lot in front of Beluga and he was in seventh heaven.  This will be a good place for him too.   She whispered in his hairy little ear about a great off leash beach just around the corner.  He won't let us rest until we take him for a good romp in the sand soon, so I guess that will be on our schedule in the next day or so.

We mixed up a few gin and tonics and drove over to the Hilton to share them with Jesse and Erin.  They have a nice "adult only" area with a fire pit  and jacuzzi right outside their room.  For some reason they were upgraded to a bigger suite practically on the beach - thank you Santa Claus!  

The sunset tonight was spectacular, but I forgot to take my camera and I'm not sure I have figured out the google glitch that is keeping me from posting pictures, so you're not missing anything.

After another wonderful dinner at Cucina Urbana (thanks again Lisa and Hans) and some first rate people watching from our window seats, we are just about ready to fall into bed.  This vacation stuff is tiring.

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  1. Glad you had a successful move and the tire held. How cool for Jesse and Erin to get upgraded! Enjoy your beach stay!