Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday - The Del

Sun!  Dave opened the bedroom shade and I was blinded by sun.  Ah....

We had coffees outside, sitting in the sun.  It was so nice.  Lewis crawled up on my lap and dozed in the warmth.

After lunch we drove over to Coronado Island and explored the area a bit.  We walked on the beach at the Silver Strand State Beach and then found the wonderful old Del Coronado Hotel.   This Victorian Grand Dame was built in 1888 and was the largest resort hotel in the world at that time.  It is listed as a National Historic Landmark, but it is special to us for other reasons.   We enjoyed a wonderful stay there years ago with little Jesse and Dave's mother.  We were attending an  SPI conference in the heyday of such meetings and we enjoyed the royal treatment.  What a place.   It looks much the same, but with the addition of a lovely Beachfront Village in keeping with the original white wooden buildings with red roofs.   Brought back many wonderful memories.   These Beachfront Village units remind me very much of our beloved Colony, one and two story buildings right on the beach, full ownership with dedicated owner days a year and a rental pool for the rest, sigh..

Thanks Rob, for your phone call.  It was good to hear your voice and catch up on your lives.

Sunset tonight was different, no blazing oranges and reds, no spectacular cloud formations.  The sun slid below a few clouds at the horizon and painted just their edges with gold, a stunning effect.  Some day you'll see pictures, I promise.


  1. Always nice to have sweet memories energized again like that ....hope you are both feeling better now!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! The hotel is beautiful with a huge beach.

    Sounds like you are both feeling a little better:)

    I would have loved a picture of Lewis on your lap!