Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday - they're moving in....

Another nice sunny day but....they're moving in.  I've talked about how weekends tend to make a campground fill up, couple that with the New Years Holiday and its getting very crowded here.  Poor Lewis, he does't take strange people encroaching on his visual territory  very well.  And little people with wheels are even harder to handle.  You know the rest, poodle on the lap, tail hanging down, big round eyes, bla, bla, bla.

Luckily, Nina stopped by this afternoon and invited us all to accompany her and Polly to Fiesta Beach for some off leash romping.  Nina, the Savior.  Thank goodness for Nina.

Fiesta Island is an island right off our campground that allows off leash fun.  There is a dedicated, fenced dog park there, but none of us (dogs included) enjoy that sort of thing.   So we followed her to a parking spot on the beach and then up over dunes to the empty interior of the island.   Lewis took off and ran and ran.  Sasha snoofed every bush and trailed along behind.  This is Polly's stomping ground so she did what she normally does.  Fun Fun Fun for everyone.  One man walked his black lab a little distance behind us and the two dogs (lab and Lewis) kept their eyes on each other.   Finally Lewis ran up and the two dogs sniffed and then parted ways - good boy Lew.  The only other dog we encountered was a tiny chihuahua walking with his people.  Lew and Sasha took him aside and smelled him thoroughly before letting him pass, but no worries from any of them.

We ended our walk back at the cars on the beach.  Nina threw a ball into the water for Polly to retrieve, which she dutifully did.  Lew chased her around in the sand and they both enjoyed the game.

 Our attention was on the two young dogs, but evidently Sasha was simmering in the background.  She waded right into the water and swam a bit, then climbed out and got very silly, scampering around like a youngster.  Once in a while she likes to swim out to retrieve a stick so we all scoured the beach for a suitable branch.  Finally Dave came up with a sorry looking reed but she looked very excited to see it.  He tossed it and we witnessed two or three absolutely perfect water entries from the old girl!  After swimming back and shaking she really got silly, bowed down to Polly several times inviting her to play and then  thundered off down the beach,  water flying!    What a treat for us to see her enjoying herself so clearly!  Theres life in the old girl yet.

I didn't take the camera with me, so no pictures or movies.  Even if I had remembered, I'm still having no luck with inserting pictures here, so.....If I ever get it sorted out you'll have a h ell of a lot pictures to wade through.....


  1. day afternoons! sounds like fun and a good break for Lewis from the incoming dwellers.

  2. I would have loved to witness the dogs having so much fun. So glad you found a great place for them.