Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday - Christmas trees and coyotes

Beluga snuggled into her Santee Lakes site
Today was the last nice day til the weekend, so said all the beautiful weather women on San Diego television.   The ones we can understand.  No cable tv at this site, so we're dependent on our antenna and it seems to bring in mostly Mexican stations.

We hurried outside to have our coffees this morning, before the rain comes.  It almost felt like a fall day, sunny, coolish, with dry leaves falling lazily from the big tree next to us.  Judi's cookies taste really good dunked.....

We met the camp host for our area.  Rae grew up in Canajoharie, NY, can you believe it?  She offered to come and let the dogs out for us if we're away too long, but I wonder if Lewis would step out the door with a "stranger".....Maybe we'll introduce them in the next few days.  It certainly would be nice to have an emergency person here at the campground.

Dave and Lewis enjoy the morning sunshine
We rolled out the awning and staked it down in case of winds accompanying the rain and got a bit more settled.  Dave assembled the outdoor Christmas decorations and I'm very happy with them.  "Festive" as the Desert Hot Springs Dollar Store lady would say!

some assembly required
After lunch we returned a few Christmas items and found the local Farmer's Market.  Small, but pretty good produce.  We bought organic grapes, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and some delicious (so says Dave) pickled garlic.  We'll go back again when Jesse and Erin are with us.  I bought ingredients to keep us busy tomorrow making Christmas cookies.  Quite a chore in this tiny kitchen with its tiny oven, but we'll manage

our Christmas trees
We got back around 4:45 and turned on the Christmas lights - I love them!!!

 While we were gone we missed a visit from our new blogger friends John and Pam.  Seems we may have missed them a number of times today, but we'll get together tomorrow for sure, maybe Hans and Lisa too!

Cindy P and Walter got a new addition to their family tonight and I hear she's Glory ious!  Can't wait to hear how the first night went.   If I get a picture, I'll be sure to post it, hint, hint.

P.S.   Yikes!  Dave just came inside from taking the dogs out for their last nightly walk and he had a baseball bat with him.....Coyote followed him through the park and he couldn't shake them.  We heard them every night in the desert, but  in this more urban setting we didn't think we needed to be watchful.  No noise here, just right on your heels, following....  I turned Beluga's headlights on and I could see them sculking away.   I'm glad we have big dogs, but Dave was very uncomfortable even with them tonight.   We'll probably have to change our nightly schedule while we're at this campsite.


  1. Oh, dear, our neighbor did tell us that if we went walking after dark we should take a big stick with us for the coyotes. I was thinking she only meant on the paths not right around the MH. We have heard a ton of them at night. Some nights I think they are right out on our road...scary! I guess the dogs will need to bathroom right near by from now on.

  2. This does not sound good ...maybe some firesticks would deter them?