Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Jesse and Erin got to Casper right on time last night and are settled in there for the next half of their holiday trip.  Dave and I spent yesterday quietly.  I napped on the couch and he washed a load of towels - what a nice guy.   A flaming sunset over the water, dinner of leftovers and an early bedtime finished off our Christmas day.

Today, Wednesday, is Dave's turn to feel yucky.  Hopefully this bug won't slow him down for too long.  We did manage to sit out in the sun with our morning coffees, so life is still good!   Jesse and I used Facetime to try and sort out my blog problems, but decided I will to wait til after the holiday to speak to a human in Tech. Support at Google.  

Dave and I had a Facetime call with Lisa too.  We love seeing her sweet face and hearing her laugh.  It was snowing greatly there and we could see it out the window behind her.  She was enjoying some quiet time while the rest of her family was out returning ill fitting Christmas gifts.

I understand "home" is getting pounded by a big snow storm tonight.  Stay in everyone (except you, Fred, Geneseo depends on you to keep the roads open!)  and enjoy mother nature safely.

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  1. yes, pounded is a good word but Fred has the roads nicely cleared even at this early hour...must have been about 12 inches that I just shoveled so that the little dynamo could even get outside. And still snowing. Well, this should inspire the skiers, snowboarders, ski-doo folks, etc.

    shovels will get good use today!