Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday - getting settled in Santee

After such a quiet stay in the desert, it was a bit of adjustment for us sleeping in a more urban setting.  It certainly isn't noisy here, but by comparison there were more noises in the early morning than we've been used to.  Feel sorry for us?   Don't.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning after quite a cool night.  Our site is situated so that the morning sun shines along the passenger side, so our coffees were accompanied by some lovely warmth.  We set up a new birdie spa and watched a whole new group of birds (to us) visit and rustle in the tree overhead.  We've noticed a number of raptors flying overhead and sitting quietly in the branches.

Friends of Nina and Paul,  Lisa and Hans,  stopped by while we were arranging our outdoor mats and organizing things after coffee.  What a lovely couple!  They have just started full timing in their new fifth wheel and are loving life.  We hope to see a bit more of them while we're here.     Speaking of raptors, Hans told us that,  while he and Lisa were at the office, they saw a hawk select, grab and kill a coot - right in front of them!  Hope our little birds will be safe here at Santee spa.....

I didn't take many pictures again today.  We were out and about getting our bearings here.  Lots to do before Jesse and Erin get here Sunday.

One of the 7 Santee lakes

Christmas is everywhere....

We didn't get the outside Christmas trees up just yet, they are on tomorrow's list.  We did manage to drape a few strings of lights about inside Beluga (with the help of a little scotch tape and a few push pins).  It looks warm and Christmasy in here, nice....

A little box arrived for us today....from Judi.  Cookies!  She didn't frost them, but included little packets for us to decorate them ourselves.   What a thoughtful gift.  I hope we can save a few for Jesse and Erin, but I'm not putting any money on it.  We're having enough trouble staying away from the plain cookies, I can't be responsible for what will happen when they're frosted and pretty!

Dave grilled a couple steaks outside the dark, with his head light on.     I must look for the lantern Jesse gave us a few years ago, I know its here somewhere.

Check out yesterday's post on Nina's blog for a couple of cute pictures of Lewis, Polly and old Sasha in the dirt!  Great shots, thanks Nina.

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  1. This looks like a pretty park but the walkways look rather foreign to me after thinking of you on those desert sands, whiling away your time, watching birds, walking....and NOW Christmas lites in the BIG Beluga!! What's life coming to?? And actual walkways, ponds (man-made nonetheless, right?), and those dangerous raptors racing down to choose unsuspecting little birdies. Keep an eye out on Lewis and Sasha too...oh wait? They probably are safe!

    Dave is such a diligent husband. Love a man who grills (in the dark, no less!)