Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday - Christmas Eve

The gremlin's are at work again, elves perhaps?  Have I done something wrong Santa?  I'll happily take a lump of coal if you'll only give me back my blog, please????

I understand that you haven't read anything from me in a while, and I thought I posted at least the written portions of a blog almost every day!  No pictures, but writing.  Hmmmm

Well, I'll try again.

We all had a leisurely morning (it was rainy again) and then got together for lunch and a drive up to La Jolla to see the seals on the beach at the Children's Pool.  Its not really a pool in the normally accepted sense, but a deep, protected cove that was given to the children of San Diego by Ellen Browning Scripps.   For years it was just that, a gently sloping beach protected by a long breakwall where children and their families could enjoy the sea safely.    Slowly, harbor seals discovered its safety and warmth and began using it as a sunning place and then a nursery.  Now it is closed off to human children and is there for the pleasure of the wildlife.  Needless to say the pro-children and the pro-seal folks have been facing off over this turn of events.

No matter, it is fabulous to stand and look down at the huge spotted seals lounging, scratching, stretching, yawning and playing in the cove.  We spent quite awhile there, until I got too chilly.  It was getting late, so we took a leisurely drive along the ocean ogling the wonderful homes, views and landscaping as we went.

I forgot to take my camera, so even if Big Brother Google would allow me to post them, I don't have any to show you.   We'll be here at this campground for almost a month, so I'll be happy to retrace our steps with camera in hand.

After Jesse and Erin freshened up at the Hilton, they came back to Beluga and we shared cocktails, munchies, then our "traditional" dinner of manicotti and rutabaga...Mmmm.   We were very full, but managed to eat a tiny piece of fruit tart before presents.

Bedtime was later than usual and we retired tired and happy.

My phone rang at 6:05 this morning (Christmas day) with a cheery Christmas message from dear Judi.

Dave and I had a big breakfast with Jesse and Erin before putting them on a plane headed for Casper, Wyoming (via Denver).  They'll spend the next week there with Erin's family. We'll really miss them here but I'm sure the Jacobson's are anxiously waiting for their sweet girl, so I know they'll all have a wonderful time.

I have some funny Christmas pictures of Lew and Sasha from last night, I'll try and get this thing sorted out soon, sorry.


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