Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday - Reliable

Jesse and Erin outside the Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park
this horse statue was made of driftwood, then cast in bronze - incredible
Nurse Sasha administering the hot water bottle treatment on Dave the other day

Reliable means - Reliable.  Thank God.
We needed a propane (LP) delivery and were told to contact Reliable Propane Co., directly and that they would come to our site and fill us up today, Saturday.  Propane fires our cozy furnace and also fuels the stove, so its not something we think about much, til we start getting low....  We waited all day long for them to arrive...I went to the grocery store by myself so Dave could stay back at Beluga and wait for Reliable Propane.  Cocktails came and went, no propane.  We'd given up and started combing the internet for places we could drive Beluga to for a fill.  Dark, rainy night.    Oven pre-heating for meatloaf and macaroni/cheese dinner.  Good conversation under the Christmas lights.   Knock at the door - Reliable Propane!!!!!  What a welcome knock, what a nice guy. He played his flashlight all around Beluga looking for the fill tank, located it, did his job, took his check, thanked us for being patient and off he went to take care of all the other customers waiting for his reliable service....Nice.

Here are a few more pictures from the last few days.  I have to parcel them out a few at a time, it takes almost 1/2 hour for them to load this way.....   Sorry, they are not loading in the order I'm asking for.  Be glad you get to see them anywhere, at this rate!

There is more than one way to skin a cat.....please excuse the format, its the best I can wring out of this blog right now.   Gotta love Google.


  1. Reliable is such an important trait in this day and age! Glad they came through for you. If ever you run out, I know a few suppliers here in the Geneseo area that are Reliable....I know that it would be a long way to come, but we'd make it worth your travels!!! Think "cottage G&T. And there's a cute little house just up the road from me that's empty right could sure use some life and Propane!

    Love the pictures any order!

  2. Not too long ago you would have been sending post cards. Technology is a benefit of the times. If it could ust make oboe reeds and practice for me....
    Happy New year to you, Dave, dogs and that handsome son and beautiful lady of his. Sending my love out west, Mary

  3. I'll take the pictures in any order, especially that adorable one of Sasha taking care of dad. How precious! Nice picture of your son and his girlfriend!