Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday - move to San Diego

Another beautiful morning in the desert, how can we go?  A campsite outside of San Diego is waiting for us, so we must leave, but we'll be back.

 We drove away from Anza Borrego State Park today about noon and pointed Beluga's nose upward.  County road 22 wound up and up, around and around til we thought we'd never get to the top.  Views of  Borrego Valley far below were beyond belief as we crawled along.  The mountains were rocky, cactus and yucca vied for what little space was left.    Paul told us this road was OK for us, so we drove on.   Beluga performed perfectly, the air gauge problem that plagued us as last week when we arrived at the State Park seemed to have disappeared.   Dave was not having any problems with the road or the grade, but I was, once again, trying to do anything to take my mind off the climb.

Once we passed into the high chaparal of  Ranchita, I was fine and enjoyed the greening scenery.  The desert was behind us, San Diego ahead.

 Nina and Paul told us about the Julian Pie Company (at a junction point on our trip) and you know we had to check it out!    Strawberry rhubarb pie was what I was after, but they were all sold hoo.  I couldn't go back to Beluga empty handed, Dave was waiting with a tiny trickle of drool at the corner of his mouth.    The nice lady behind the counter suggested I buy a frozen, unbaked one....perfect.   Nice hot pie for dessert!

After a slightly wrong turn in Santee, we finally arrived at the Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve and site 132, our home for the holidays.  Dave jockeyed Beluga around a bit, per my walkie talkie instructions and I popped the pie in the oven while we sat outside for a sunset gin. (No pictures, this isn't the desert....)  Its cooler here and much more humid.   Plus, we aren't allowed to set up our ex pen for the dogs, they must be "on leash" whenever they are outside, so we'll have to get used to that.

Dave cooked the last of our hot dogs and we cut into that pie.....Mmmmmm.   We both agreed it was as good as my homemade!


  1. You are KILLING me with those pictures!!! That pie looks wonderful...thank goodness they had a frozen one for Dave. No telling what would have happened if you were empty-handed. I know how he loves those strawberry-rhubarb pies! Good thing Nina and Paul knew the right bakery! It pays to have well-travelled friends in life.

    Glory arrives today!

  2. The pie looks wonderful. Julian Pies closed at 5:00 so missed out as we drove back to Santee the day we met you:(
    We are sitting in Phoenix waiting for our connection. Should be back to the park by 1:00. See you soon.