Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday - its official

Yep, its official - I've got a cold or, the flu.....  It was inevitable given that I almost always have one around the holidays.  So now Jesse and I can be sniffing and hacking in unison.

Dave and Jesse went off to play golf this afternoon, Erin is catching up on some school work and laundry and I took a nap.  Woo Hooo,  fun day for us girls eh?

Here are some pictures from our good day at the Natural History Museum on Wednesday.

Oops, no pictures...the internet service is on the fritz and won't let me post any of them again today, nuts.

I'll try again later


  1. Oh no ...hope you feel better for your birthday and the Nutcracker!

    We're having a snowstorm....must be at least 6" of the lightest, most lovely white snow. It's going to be a white Christmas here after glad to have a break from the mud! And all the dachshies loved dashing about in the snow and tunneling and chasing each other this morning. Love to you all..

  2. Happy Birthday Sue, hope you are feeling better. JAD