Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

No, this isn't Dave and it isn't Lewis.....
fellow campers Monica and Lehn Lund and their two standard poodles, Oscar and Finnegan
wonderful succulent window box on  a cottage at Crystal Pier Hotel
not many interesting shells on the beach, but way cool Kelp...

Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.  See the Christmas tree at the end?
our last western sunset of the year
Well, my organizational skills went for naught tonight, but at least some pictures appeared despite their odd placement.

Beautiful clear sunny skies greeted us this morning.  As we sat outside with our coffees, a couple stopped by to see Lewis.  They had their two black standard poodles with them.  We had a poodlepalooza at site 98!  The young couple are from outside of Calgary and have had poodles for some years.  We stood and talked for a long time.  Their daughter, Ava, tried to make friends with skittish Lewis and made good progress.  They gave us their breeder's name (in Ottawa) and left after much picture taking and a promise to keep in touch.  Fun!

After we took our dogs for a long walk, turned the radio on, gave them cookies and left them to rest,  we went to Pacific Beach for a walk in the sand.  Its our tradition to at least get sand in our shoes on New Year's Eve, no matter which coast we're on.  We walked out on the long Crystal Pier and watched the surfer' dudes and dudettes riding the big waves in.  A  hotel has cottages for rent right on the pier.  They reminded me of the small identical cottages that march along the strand to Provincetown, Mass.  Each one was white with blue shutters and fabulous window boxes outside.

I couldn't stay on the pier too long, however,  there were spaces between the boards and as I walked along I could see the ocean crashing 50 feet below my feet - Oooooh.  You know me and heights.

Paul and Polly stopped by just  as we arrived home and they came in to share a glass of wine with us for the New Year.  He and Dave made plans to play golf on the 3rd.  They'd better make an early tee time that day, Nina has invited us all to "the beast" for a bit of her special recipe Danish Gloegg to get us started on a good year.  Can't wait!

  Someone wrote a New Year's wish in the sand, so I'm sharing it and our very best wishes for a wonderful, happy and prosperous New Year to all of you dear friends.  Talk to you next year!

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  1. Indeed ....a wonderful New Year to all of you on the West Coast.

    May it be a sweet, loving and kind New Year
    Filled with new adventures and new people
    Happiness, health, and exuberant memories ....may they all be yours.