Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday - sick Jesse

Rain, rain, rain.  It poured this morning, mud everywhere, bla bla bla, again...

Jesse and Erin came for lunch about noon and Jesse was feeling terrible.  He arrived in San Diego on Sunday with a cold and stuffy head, but it has progressed to a sinus and double ear infection.  He's prone to these infections, and we all knew what was ahead. So,  instead of heading to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, it was off to the "Doctor Express" in Santee for a quick exam and some necessary prescriptions.    After just a couple doses he was starting to perk up a bit so we'll try the museum tomorrow - after Dave gets back with the rental car......

A small gold box arrived today, from JoAnn.  It contained one of our favorite delights.  They are called Venetians, almond flavored cake-like layered cookies topped with chocolate.  Mmmmm.  Well, they were really good, so good that we ate them immediately.  Jesse even upended the box to get every last crumb!

After Jesse returned with his prescriptions we just layed low in Beluga.  The weather started to clear a bit, but it was a good afternoon to just stay in.  Lewis is in love with Erin and he took every opportunity to sneak up next to her and stare into her eyes, perhaps give a kiss or two...

bored Sasha (I know, its hard to tell when she's bored)

bored Lewis

Tonight's sunset was quite beautiful.   Weathermen here tell us that the next few days will be lovely and sunny, keep your finger's crossed...

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  1. ADorable, adorable, adorable picture of "bored" Lewis ....somehow those two words are oxymorons for sure!

    And I'll bet it was the Venetian cookies that helped Jesse feel better!

    Leaving this am with the little 8 lb terror in my house to collect OUR Geneva from college.

    Hope Jesse continues to improve! Hi to Erin! I loved knowing that Lewis had fallen in love. He's such a sweet boy and she's sweet too!